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Self-Managed GitLab

Torque supports connecting asset/blueprint repositories residing in a self-managed GitLab repository.


  • GitLab access token with no expiration date and read.api and read.repository permission scopes.

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  1. Create Provider via Torque REST API.


    "details": {
    "base_url": ""
    "repos": []
    • name: Display name of repository
    • type: Value representing the type of repository provider (gitlabEnterprise in this case)
    • token: Private access token (see Prerequisites)
    • base_url: __Schema://Host:Port/ of the GitLab server (include port if required)
    • username: Owner of the token username. (Not required for GitLab)
  2. Connect the repository as an asset repository to the space and discover the suitable assets. For details, see Discover Your Assets.