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Customizing Autogenerated Blueprints

In this article, we'll learn how to edit our autogenerated blueprints in Torque. While Torque conveniently autogenerates blueprints out of your assets, these blueprints may be missing some minor details, like the cluster namespace and execution agent to use, Terraform version, Helm commands to run, etc.


Torque only saves the latest version. So if you need versioning, you're welcome to add the modified blueprint to your /blueprints repository.

  1. In the Blueprints page, click the suitable autogenerated blueprint. Autogenerated blueprints have "Torque" as their modifier.

  2. Make your changes. You can modify the blueprint YAML directly in Torque, or use the Copy / Download buttons to edit the file using your preferred editor. For details, see Autogenerated Blueprints.

    Locale Dropdown

  3. Update the blueprint in Torque (if you modified it externally).

  4. Click Save Changes.

    Torque validates the blueprint and immediately displays any errors in a tooltip next to the blueprint's name.

    Locale Dropdown

  5. Launch the blueprint from the Catalog to make sure it runs as expected.