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Launch Your Blueprint

At this point, you have done the following:

  • Created a space
  • Connected an asset repository and autogenerated blueprints out of some assets
  • Created an agent that will handle the deployment and teardown of the environments in the Kubernetes cluster

You are now ready to launch your first environment.

  1. Open your space.

  2. In the Blueprints page, Publish a suitable autogenerated blueprint.

  3. In the Catalog, Launch the blueprint.

  4. Specify the environment's inputs.

  5. Optionally assign collaborators to the environment. While everyone in the space has "read" permission to its environments, only the environment's owner and collaborators can perform actions that change the environment: extend end the environment, reconcile or update resource changes, etc. When launching the environment, the new owner/collaborators will receive a notification email if you have Notifications configured in the space.

  6. Click Next, specify the environment's inputs and tags, and click Launch.

    If the space has an approval policy, your environment will enter a "Pending" state while you wait to get approval from a moderator. Click View Request to view or cancel your request.

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  7. Wait until the environment is active and use as needed. URLs to the environment's applications are typically provided as outputs - these can be found in the environment's Quicklinks on the right, or in the Parameters pane.

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  8. Check out the Resources pane to get details about your environment's resources. Use this tab to understand what assets each grain spun up, get connection details to specific resources, and more.

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