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Torque role: Account admin

Workflows allow you to schedule actions on all resources of a certain cloud provider (AWS or Azure) in the relevant environment. For example, to power off all VMs daily at the end of the work day. Each workflow is triggered at its scheduled time and can also be executed by the end-user from the Workflows tab of the environment's resource.


At this time, Workflows are supported only for VM esources.

How to add a workflow

  1. Go to Administration > Workflows.

  2. Click Add Workflow.

  3. Fill in the details:

    • Name: Workflow name

    • Display name: Provide an informative one as this will be the Workflow's display name in the environment. For example, "Power off all Azure VMs EOD".

    • Description

    • Action to be performed in the environment. Workflows support all resource actions (Power on, Power off, Restart, Connect) as well as Terminate, which ends the environment. For details about resource actions, see Run Day 2 Actions on Your Environment.

    • Spaces: Toggle blue to apply the workflow to all spaces or select specific ones.

    • Schedule: Workflow's scheduled execution time. You can specify the time and day(s) using the editor, or toggle Custom CRON to specify the schedule in CRON format.

    • Allow overriding schedule on launch: Toggle blue to enable the environment's end-user to manually run the workflow from the resource's Workflows tab.

      For example:

      Locale Dropdown

  4. Click Save.