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Welcome to Torque!


Torque is a SaaS platform delivering Infrastructure Automation at Scale for complex, application-centric environments on cloud technologies including AWS, Azure, and Kubernetes. IT leaders and DevOps innovators around the world trust Quali to enable self-service automation and governance to streamline application development, testing, and release to production.

New to Torque? quick demo is all you need:


From our customers:

“Our back-end systems and applications are complex. They need to be. But, for us to expand at the level of growth that we were experiencing, we needed flexibility and alignment throughout our DevOps lifecycle. We weren’t going to get there with our globally distributed development teams sharing static staging environments. We could either tell our DevOps teams to share the keys to the cloud — which wasn’t going to happen — or we could find a solution.”Pavel Eliav, Head of DevOps, Resident

Ready to start?

In the next section you will go thorught the initial steps in creating a Torque account, running the Torque built-in sampels and finally running yourown workload in the system. let's go!