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Reporting Overview


Whether you're a DevOps lead, Infrastructure lead, or a FinOps manager, monitoring activity and costs goes beyond being a mere task — it is at the heart of responsible cloud management. Torque Reports provide the essential data required to navigate complexities, offering precise insights into expenditure allocation and ensuring that your organization's cloud bill aligns with expectations. These reports act as a lens, revealing crucial information that might have otherwise remained obscured, empowering you to make informed decisions and optimize your cloud strategy effectively.

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Torque Reports Types

  1. Activity and Adoption Reports: Gain a comprehensive understanding of how your environments are utilized with Activity reports. Track user engagement, identify active users, assess the adoption rates of different blueprints, and get immediate insights about environment statuses. This data is invaluable for optimizing resource allocation and ensuring that your cloud resources align with your organizational goals.

  2. Cloud Efficiency Reports: Torque takes cloud management a step further with Cloud Efficiency Reports, offering insights into cost optimization and savings opportunities. These reports are categorized into three subtypes:

    • Cloud Cost Reports: Understand the financial implications of your cloud usage. Monitor costs associated with each environment, blueprint, space and cloud account. Torque provides detailed breakdowns to help you allocate resources judiciously and minimize unnecessary expenses.

    • Realized Savings Reports: Discover the tangible benefits of using Torque. Realized Savings reports showcase the dollars saved by leveraging Torque's efficient resource management. This transparency highlights the platform's direct impact on your bottom line.

    • Saving Opportunities Reports: Torque goes beyond savings by proactively identifying opportunities for further optimization. These reports guide users on how to fine-tune their cloud usage, recommending adjustments that can lead to additional cost savings.

What kind of questions can be answered by Torque reports?

Torque reports empower users to answer key questions, fostering a data-driven approach to cloud management. Some example inquiries addressed by the reports include:

  • Who are the most active users?
  • Which environments require immediate attention?
  • What are the costliest blueprints in terms of cloud expenditure?
  • Which spaces incurred the highest costs last month?
  • How much money have I saved using Torque since the beginning of the year?
  • How can I further optimize my cloud usage to save more?