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Outbound Ports for Self-hosted Agents

This table lists the outbound ports that are requried for Kubernetes cluster nodes to fully function when hosting a Torque agent.

Target NameTarget Address/HostnameTypePortsTraffic Purpose
Torque Agent registration endpoint new Torque agent with Torque back-end
Torque Back-end APIs from agent to Torque APIs
Message broker for Torqueamqps:// between agent and back-end using message queues
Github customer's repo from GitHub using Git to TF Runner Pod
Hashicorp - Terraform Releases downloadhttps://releases.hashicorp.comHTTPS443Download and install Terraform on sandbox TF Runner pod
Hashicorp - Terraform Providers registryhttps://registry.terraform.ioHTTPS443Download Terraform provider to TF Runner Pod