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Actions & workflows

Resource Actions and Workflows

Torque provides a built-in set of Actions you can run on specific AWS and Azure VMs in the environment. These include Power on, Power off, Restart as well as Connect, which creates an RDP or SSH connection to the VM directly from Torque. Workflows are scheduled actions (created by your admin) that run on all VMs of a certain cloud provider (AWS or Azure) in all of the space's environments.

  1. Switch to Resources view.

    Locale Dropdown

  2. Click a resource tile.

    The resource's Actions as well as attributes and tags are displayed in the left pane.

  3. Hover over the relevant action and click Run.

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  4. Click the action's name to see its progress.

  5. Click Workflows to see which workflows apply to your environment. Note that you can also manually run the workflows ahead of their scheduled run time.