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Approval Channels

Torque role: Account admin

While organizations typically want to enable their users to launch environments quickly and easily, in certain situations it may be necessary to put guardrails in place to ensure compliance with security policies or budget constraints. Defining an approval flow can provide an effective way to balance the need for agility and control.

Torque's Approval channels define the users who can approve environment launch requests. An approval channel is basically a list of users. Currently, Torque supports 3 approval channels - Teams, Emails, and ServiceNow.

To create an approval channel:

  1. Go to Administration > Approval Channels.
  2. Click Add Channel.
  3. Give the approval channel a Name and optionally a Description.
  4. Select the channel - Teams, Email or Service Now.
  5. For Teams, enter the Webhook address.
  6. For Service Now, please see the following article for instructions.
  7. Select the Approvers.
  8. Click Save.