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Torque Notifications enable space admins to define notifications for environment lifecycle events and environment owner/collaborator changes. The notifications will be sent to your email address, Teams or Slack chats, or the automation tool of your choice. You can define multiple notifications for different communication tools, and for different channels in the same communication tool.

Supported environment events:

  • Environment Launched
  • Environment Deployed
  • Environment Active With Error
  • Environment Ended
  • Environment Ending Failed
  • Environment Force Ended
  • Environment Launch Approved
  • Environment Launch Denied

To configure Torque notifications:

  1. In Torque, access the suitable space.
  2. Click Settings > Notifications.
  3. Click + Add Notification.
  4. Select the suitable communication tool (Slack, Teams, or generic webhook).

    Locale Dropdown

  5. Provide a Name for the notification.
  6. Enter the webhook address, as explained in the desired tool’s official documentation.
  7. For generic webhooks, optionally provide a token from the tool to send with the notification, and select the desired event to test.
  8. Test the configuration.
  9. Click Send Test MessageΒ and make sure you receive a Torque notification message in the chat or generic tool.
  10. Click Select Notifications to select the notifications to send.
  11. Click Apply.