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Audit Log Events

These events are captured by Audit Log. All events are of type "string".


EventDescriptionScopesData (parameters)
LoginLogin to accountAccount
DeletedAccount was deleted.AccountplanId


EventDescriptionScopesData (parameters)
Add approval channelNew approval channel was added to Torque's Approval Channels administration page..- Name
- Type
Delete approval channelApproval channel was deleted from Torque's Approval Channels administration page.- Name
- Type
Policy auto approvedPolicy was approved automatically by OPA.Account/Space- Name
- Type
Update approval channelApproval channel's settings were updated, like description or approvers list.- Approval type (auto/manual)
- Approval status (approved/denied)
- Entity type
- Entity name
- Action (Launch/Extend)
- Policy path + name
- Approver Email (if approval type is manual)
- Notes (if exist)


EventDescriptionScopesData (parameters)
Content ModifiedBlueprint YAML was modified.Account/Space/Blueprint
PublishedBlueprint was publishedAccount/Space/Blueprint.- Repository name
RemovedUser removed blueprint. This applies to blueprints that were discovered from assets, not for blueprints who are defined in the repository.
UnpublishedBlueprint was unpublished.Account/Space/Blueprint- Repository name

Cloud Account (cost target)

EventDescriptionScopesData (parameters)
CreatedCloud account was created.Account- Name
- Cloud
DeletedCloud account was deleted.Account- Name
- Cloud


EventDescriptionScopesData (parameters)
ExportedCost data was exported using the Cost page's Export to CSV button.Account


EventDescriptionScopesData (parameters)
CreatedNew credential was created in the Credentials store.Account- Name
- Cloud Type
- Credential Type
DeletedA credential was deleted.Account- Name
ModifiedA credential was modified.Account- Name


EventDescriptionScopesData (parameters)
Collaborators AddedCollaborators were added to an environment.Account/Space/Environment- list of new collaborators
Collaborators RemovedEnvironment's collaborators were removed.Account/Space/Environment- list of removed collaborators
Drift DetectedEnvironment's resources were modified externally.Account/Space/Environment- Grain
Drift Reconcile StartedEnvironment's Reconcile operation was initiated to reset the environment to its original state.Account/Space/Environment- Grain
Drift Reconcile CompletedEnvironment's Reconcile operation completed.Account/Space/Environment- Grain
Environment ExtendedEnvironment's duration was extended.Account/Space/Environment- Extension Duration
Environment Launch StartedEnvironment was launched.Account/Space/Environment- is_sample: "true" indicates that the environment was created from a sample blueprint
Environment Launch CompletedEnvironment's launch completed and the environment's state changed to Active.Account/Space/Environment- is_sample: "true" indicates that the environment was created from a sample blueprint
- Duration
Termination StartedEnvironment's termination was initiated.Account/Space/Environment
Termination CompletedEnvironment's termination completed.Account/Space/Environment
Force TerminateEnvironment was force terminated immediately.Account/Space/Environment
Owner changedEnvironment's owner was changed.Account/Space/Environment- New owner
Updates DetectedTorque detected a change in the asset files in the repository.Account/Space/Environment- Grain
Update StartedEnvironment's update was initiated by the user to update the environment with the latest changes to the asset files.Account/Space/Environment- Grain
Update CompleteEnvironment was updated.Account/Space/Environment- Grain
Update DismissedUser dismissed updates to the asset files, choosing to leave their environment as is.Account/Space/Environment- Grain


Added to SpaceAdded an agent to a space.Account/Space- Host name
- Cloud
- Type (Docker, K8s), Space
CreatedCreated a new agent.Account- Host name
- Cloud
- Type (Docker, K8s)
ConnectedAgent was successfully connected to the cluster.Account- host_name
- Type (Docker, K8s)
DeletedAgent was deleted from Torque.Account- Host name
- Cloud
- Type (Docker, K8s)
Removed From SpaceAgent was removed from a space.Account/Space- Host name
- Cloud
- Type (Docker, K8s), Space
RenamedAgent's name was changed.Account-old_host_name
- new_host_name
- type


EventDescriptionScopesData (parameters)
AddedNew notification target was created.Account, Space- Name
- Target
DeletedNotification target was deleted from Torque.Account/Space- Old Name
- New Name
- Old Target type
- New Target type
Enabled ToggledNotifications were enabled for a notification target.Account/Space- Name
- Old enabled
- New enabled
ModifiedNotification target was modified (name, enabled notifications, etc.Account/Space- Name


EventDescriptionScopesData (parameters)
CreatedNew parameter was created in the Parameters store.Account or Account/Space- Name (parameter event)
- Sensitive
- Value
- Description
DeletedParameter was deleted from the Parameters store.Account or Account/Space- Name (parameter event)
ModifiedParameter's settings were modified.Account or Account/Space- Name (parameter event)
- oldIsSensitive
- newIsSensitive


EventDescriptionScopesData (parameters)
DeletedPolicy was deleted from Torque.Account- Name
- approvalChannel
- overridable
- manualInitiation
DisabledPolicy was disabled.Account- policyName
- enabledValue
DuplicatedA copy of an existing policy was created.Account- policyName
- existingPolicyName
- isCustom
- spaceNames
EnabledPolicy was enabled.Account- policyName
- enabledValue
ImportedPolicy was imported from a connected policy repository.Account- policyName
ModifiedPolicy's settings were modified.Account- policyName
SynchronizedThe version of a custom policy in Torque was synced with the policy version in the repository.Account- policyName


Assets DiscoveredAssets were discovered from a space's repository.Account/Space
ConnectedA repository was connected to a space.Account/Space
DisconnectedA repository was disconnected from a space.Account/Space


CreateNew space was created in Torque.Account/Space
ModifySpace's settings were modified (name, icon, banner color).Account/Space
DeleteSpace was deleted from Torque.Account/Space


CreatedNew tag created in the Tags administration page.Account
DeletedTag was deleted.Account
ModifiedTag was modified.Account
OverriddenUser changed a space-level tag's value in the space's Tags page.Account


InvitedUser was invited to join Torque (Torque invitation email).Account
Invitation CancelledTorque invitation was cancelled by an admin.Account
Sign upNew user signed up to Torque.Account
User Account Role UpdatedUser's account role was changed (or attached - for new users).Account
DeletedUser was deleted from Torque.Account
LoginUser logged into Torque.Account
Reset PasswordUser's password was reset.Account
User Added to SpaceUser was added to a space.Account/Space
User Space Role UpdatedUser's space role was changed (space admin/dev/member).Account


CreatedCreated a new workflow.Account
DeletedDeleted a workflow from Torque.Account
DisabledDisabled a workflow.Account
EnabledEnabled a workflow.Account
EndedWorkflow's execution ended at the completion of all its actions.Account/Environment
InvokedWorkflow was triggered, either by the workflow's defined schedule or manually by the environment end-user.Account/Environment