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Azure DevOps Plugin

The Azure DevOps plugin lets developers trigger application environments on-demand directly from their Azure DevOps pipelines. Azure DevOps users can easily integrate the Torque environments-as-a-service platform into their projects by utilizing the Torque orbโ€™s pre-defined commands. To integrate Torque with the Azure DevOps plugin, make sure to complete the next few steps.

1. Installโ€‹


  • Admin permissions on the pluginโ€™s intended Azure DevOps organization. If you are not the organizationโ€™s admin, you may send a request to the admin to install the plugin for you.
  • Azure DevOps organization that will use the Torque plugin

To Install the plugin:

  1. Log in to and select the organization that will use this plugin.
  2. Click Organization settings.
  3. From the left pane, select Extensions and then click Browse Marketplace.
  4. Search for โ€œtorqueโ€, click the Torque plugin and then Install.

2. Configureโ€‹

To set your Torque account information:

  1. Click Project Settings > Service connections.
  2. Click New service connection, select Torque, and click Next.
  3. Specify the server url (
  4. Specify the Torque Long Token with the one generated below:
  5. Click Generate New Token in the plugin's instructions pane.
  6. Click Verify and make sure the connection succeeds.
  7. In the Service Connection Name field, enter 'Torque connection'.
  8. Click Verify and save.

3. Verify and launchโ€‹

Use Torque's environments in your Azure DevOps Build Use the available build steps to create an environment from any blueprint, retrieve its details, start your tests and end the environment when it's no longer needed. Learn more here.