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GitHub Actions Plugin

Use GitHub Actions to automate environment lifecycle management. We currently provide the following workflows, which can be added as new custom workflows or as additions to existing ones:

To integrate Torque with the GitHub Actions, make sure to complete the next few steps.

1. Install​


  • Admin permissions to add/update workflows on the required GitHub repository, and to add a token under the repository secrets.

Install the plugin:

  • GitHub Actions can be used as part of the current workflows or as new workflows by just referring to the relevant action inside your workflow.

2. Configure​

  1. In the GitHub repository, go to Settings > Secrets > new repository secret and create a secret called β€œTORQUE_TOKEN” with the value generated below:
  2. Click the Generate New Token button in the plugin's instructions pane.

3. Verify and launch​

Use Torque's tasks in your Jenkins pipeline

Read more and view the usage examples for each one of the actions: