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CircleCI Plugin

The Quali Torque plugin lets developers trigger application environments on-demand directly from their CircleCI pipelines. CircleCI users can easily integrate the Torque environments-as-a-service platform into their projects by utilizing by utilizing the Torque orb’s pre-defined commands.

To integrate Torque with the CircleCI plugin, make sure to complete the next few steps.

1. Install​

  1. In the CircleCI web app, navigate to the Projects section and select Project Settings from the menu next to your repository.

  2. Open the Environment Variables page.

  3. Add the following three variables:

    • TORQUE_SERVER: The URL of your Torque server (
    • TORQUE_SPACE: The name of your space in Torque.
    • TORQUE_TOKEN: Use the token you generate below
  4. Click the Generate New Token button in the plugin's instructions pane.

2. Configure​

Using the torque orb in your config file

  • In your repository, edit the .circleci/config.yml file and add torque to the orbs list. Example:

    torque: quali/torque@1.1.0

It is recommended to use the latest release version.

3. Verify and launch​

Use Torque's tasks in your CircleCI workflow

Add the torque/start-sandbox and torque/end-sandbox commands to start and stop the environment in Torque. Review examples here. See the parameters list for orb behavior command customization here.