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TeamCity Plugin

The Quali Torque plugin lets developers trigger application environments on-demand directly from their TeamCity pipelines. TeamCity users can easily integrate the Torque environments-as-a-service platform into their projects by utilizing the Torque plugin’s pre-defined commands.

To integrate Torque with the Spinnaker plugin, make sure to complete the next few steps.

1. Install​

  1. Open the Torque Plugin page in the Jetbrains marketplace.
  2. Download the latest version of the Torque plugin.
  3. Open the TeamCity web UI as an administrator and perform the following steps:
    • Browse to the Administration > Plugins page.
    • Click the Upload plugin zip and upload the A warning message is displayed recommending that you restart the TeamCity Server.
    • Click Restart and wait for TeamCity to initiate.
  4. To verify that the installation is successfully completed:
    • Browse to the Administration > Plugins List page.
    • Under the External plugins section, verify that the Torque Plugin appears with no warnings.
    • Open the Projects Overview page and open any project.
    • Click Edit Project Settings.
    • Under the left General Settings list, a Torque option appears (the tab will appear only if TeamCity was restarted as described in step 3).

2. Configure​

  1. Open TeamCity as Administrator.

  2. Open the Project Administration page and click the Torque tab.

  3. Click Connect.

  4. Under the General Configuration section, enter the following parameters:

  5. Click the Generate New Token button in the plugin's instructions pane.

3. Verify and launch​

After installing and configuring the TeamCity plugin, you can launch environments from your TeamCity Pipeline. Note that this plugin only supports environments. Use the available build steps to create an environment from any blueprint, retrieve its details, start your tests and end the environment when it's no longer needed.