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Spinnaker Plugin

The Spinnaker plugin lets developers trigger application environments on-demand directly from their Spinnaker pipelines. Spinnaker users can easily integrate the Torque environments-as-a-service platform into their projects by utilizing the Torque plugin’s pre-defined commands.

To integrate Torque with the Spinnaker plugin, make sure to complete the next few steps.

1. Install​


  • This plugin integrates Torque into your Pipelines in Spinnaker 1.23.0 and above.

Install the plugin:

  • Read how to add the Halyard file that will be used to load the orca file, and how to add the profile file to load the Deck frontend here.

2. Configure​

  1. When adding the Halyard file, you’ll need to provide the following parameters:
    • torqueUrl - Use
    • account - The Torque account name (optional)
    • torqueToken - Use the token with the value generated below:
  2. Click the Generate New Token button in the plugin's instructions pane.

3. Verify and launch​

Once installed, you’ll have 2 new stage types that you could use as part of your pipelines:

  • Torque Start Sandbox - will be used to start a new environment. Its outputs can be used to run the rest of the pipeline with this newly-deployed environment.
  • Torque End Sandbox - once the tests are completed, you can end the sandbox to teardown the environment.

Read more about these stages here.