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Self-Managed GitLab

Torque supports connecting asset/blueprint repositories residing in a self-managed GitLab repository. There are 2 options to connect your gitlab repositories to Torque:

  1. With a single repository provider
  2. With a separate token for each repository


For a single repository provider you will need:

  • GitLab access token with no expiration date and read.api and read.repository permission scopes.

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For separate token for each repository, you will need a token for each repository which you connect with read access.


For a single provider only:

  1. Create Provider via Torque REST API.


    "details": {
    "base_url": ""
    "repos": []

    Or with a curl command:

    curl --request POST \   --url \  
    --header 'Authorization: Bearer <Torque API toke>' \
    --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
    --data '{
    "details": {
    "base_url": ""
    "repos": [] }'

    • name: Display name of the provider
    • type: Value representing the type of repository provider (gitlabEnterprise in this case)
    • token: Private access token (see Prerequisites)
    • base_url: __Schema://Host:Port/ of the GitLab server (include port if required)

For both methods:

  1. Connect the repository as an asset repository to the space and discover the suitable assets. Make sure to check the "self-managed" checkbox. The repository's URL must be in the base URL of the configured provider.
    For details regarding asset discovery, see Discover Your Assets.
  2. If you didn't connect a provider, copy the repository token to the "token" field.